Why Google Apps Offers The Ultimate Email Solution

Have your emails gone down recently? Are you having strange email issues that your IT guys can’t get to the bottom of? If you have answered yes to any of these questions then my first guess would be that your emails are hosted with a Cpanel and are apart of your website hosting plan. Good Guess? You see, the main reason why these email set ups have constant issues is that the Cpanel that hosts them is often sitting on a multi level shared server which could have thousands of other websites and company emails sitting on them also. Its often a disaster waiting to happen.

Ok, with emails there are a few common options that start up business’s and companies use to host their emails. But how do you decide which option is best for you? Well, hopefully i can shed some light on the situation.

At In10tion Creative Digital Agency we host our emails with Google Business Apps for a few reasons, the most prominent reason being that its the most secure service in the world, things don’t get much bigger or safer then Google. So if digital agencies across the world are using google to host their emails then you should be too. We start by setting up our clients with a Google Business Apps account, which includes email hosting, then we make sure the website sits on our In10tion server so we have instant access to it all times. If your interested in setting up your company emails using Google Apps then feel free to contact us to get a quote today.


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